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"Waiting To Inhale" featured on


Baltimore’s B.Eveready recruits Slaughterhouse legend KXNG Crooked and rapper’s rapper MC Bravado for “Waiting To Inhale”, the lead single off his upcoming #GS2 Deluxe LP (4/19). Produced by independent juggernaut Anno Domini & DJ Pain 1, the emotive cut (w/ a heavy hook from Constantine) finds the three lyricists musing over the daunting nature of a career in their chosen outlet. The same thing that gives you oxygen being the very thing that takes it away is a perplexing thought, and this song does a tremendous job of encapsulating that feeling. 

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TunedLoud.Com #GS2 Album Review!

"If you need proof that explosive lyricism and dynamic performances still exist in modern hip hop then look no further than B.Eveready’s“#GS2 EP (Deluxe Edition)”. The born and bred in Boston, now residing in Baltimore rapper’s new EP, is a complex recording exploring hard-hitting topics across 12 mesmerizing tracks. "  (May 2021)

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suit1_edited.jpg Interview

"How did “Always Major” come together?


Synesthetic Nation (the production team behind the record) sends me new beats every few weeks, and when I took my first listen to that one, it was a wrap.  I was going to grab some breakfast on a Saturday morning, bumping the new beats in my truck, and I had to pull over & start writing.  By the time I made it back home, I had most of the first verse done, and I had already paid them for the beat.  It was quick.  When I hear a real banger, it doesn’t take me long." (May 2018)

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"Define the music industry 

It’s a corporate industry in America.  Meaning that everything comes down to the bottom line.  The record labels, streaming companies, etc. are in business to make the biggest margins they can from the artists’ music.  So they want to pay us the smallest amount possible.  Once you understand that, you know how you should move."  (May 2018)

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“Talk to me about the making of your latest project. What was the inspiration behind it? 


The inspiration was my own situation. I was in a pretty bad car accident in November 2016, and I had that moment of, “I could be gone any time God is ready for me”, and I wanted to make sure I put out something that reflected that mindset of seizing the day & putting hard work into everything to chase your dreams.” (April 2018)


Interview with

New Lease Music about new project

"The Answer"

NLM: What inspired you to produce the album?

BE: After dealing with the police-involved murders from last year & the protests, I felt like I had to have a project that was exclusively responding to that moment. Not to mention what was going on with the political scene. I felt like if I didn’t have something to say as a Black man, I wasn’t the artist that I thought I was. So I dug deep and came forth with these 7 tracks to speak to the times we’re living in. I feel like this expresses my point of view & thought process as a Black man in America in 2021.

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"Throwback Theatre" review on

"B.Eveready delivers his new EP Throwback Theatre that broods on a handful of topics ranging from music, culture to politics and power. The Boston-bred, Baltimore-based rapper aims to give the listener a snapshot of his thoughts and perspective on wax with this...hard-hitting project full of poetic storytelling lyriscism." (April 2020)


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"After listening to "The Convo Different" for a few seconds, it's apparent that B.Eveready has been honing his craft for several years."  (May 2018)

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"Talk to us about your car crash in 2016, what happened?

My wife & I were driving to work, and this young lady in front of us thought it would be a good idea to speed in the rain.  She fishtailed, went headfirst into the guardrail, and came back into traffic.  She slammed into us & sent us spinning into the other guardrail.  It could’ve been much worse than it was, but we still went to physical therapy for a few months.  But I thank God we all walked away. " (April 2018)



"Can you explain the meaning behind why you chose that title (#GrindSeason)?

I chose #GrindSeaon because this is the time where we all have to go get it.  Wherever you are in life right now, it’s time to get yourself together and chase your goals....You went in on “Hit & Run”! The new project you got coming out, do you have more joints like that? Straight bars.  Absolutely!  Those are the easy joints for me to do; just rhymes on top of rhymes...It was good chopping it up with you homie and you got some fire for sure!"  (Jan 2016)

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