"B.Eveready delivers his new EP Throwback Theatre that broods on a handful of topics ranging from music, culture to politics and power. The Boston-bred, Baltimore-based rapper aims to give the listener a snapshot of his thoughts and perspective on wax with this...hard-hitting project full of poetic storytelling lyriscism." - Earmilk.com

Throwback Theatre review on Earmilk.com

April 2020 - click the pic for the full review

How did “Always Major” come together?

Synesthetic Nation (the production team behind the record) sends me new beats every few weeks, and when I took my first listen to that one, it was a wrap.  I was going to grab some breakfast on a Saturday morning, bumping the new beats in my truck, and I had to pull over & start writing.  By the time I made it back home, I had most of the first verse done, and I had already paid them for the beat.  It was quick.  When I hear a real banger, it doesn’t take me long.

1stDayFresh.com interview

May 2018 - Click the pic for the full interview

"After listening to "The Convo Different" for a few seconds, it's apparent that B.Eveready has been honing his craft for several years."

DJBooth.net article

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Define the music industry 

It’s a corporate industry in America.  Meaning that everything comes down to the bottom line.  The record labels, streaming companies, etc. are in business to make the biggest margins they can from the artists’ music.  So they want to pay us the smallest amount possible.  Once you understand that, you know how you should move.

TheDMVDaily.com Interview

May 2018 - Click the pic to go to the story

Talk to us about your car crash in 2016, what happened?

My wife & I were driving to work, and this young lady in front of us thought it would be a good idea to speed in the rain.  She fishtailed, went headfirst into the guardrail, and came back into traffic.  She slammed into us & sent us spinning into the other guardrail.  It could’ve been much worse than it was, but we still went to physical therapy for a few months.  But I thank God we all walked away.

HipHopsRevival.com Interview

April 2018 - Click the pic to go to the story

“Talk to me about the making of your latest project. What was the inspiration behind it? The inspiration was my own situation. I was in a pretty bad car accident in November 2016, and I had that moment of, “I could be gone any time God is ready for me”, and I wanted to make sure I put out something that reflected that mindset of seizing the day & putting hard work into everything to chase your dreams.”

StopTheBreaks.com Interview

April 2018 - Click the pic to go to the story

Can you explain the meaning behind why you chose that title (#GrindSeason)?

I chose #GrindSeaon because this is the time where we all have to go get it.  Wherever you are in life right now, it’s time to get yourself together and chase your goals....You went in on “Hit & Run”! The new project you got coming out, do you have more joints like that? Straight bars.  Absolutely!  Those are the easy joints for me to do; just rhymes on top of rhymes...It was good chopping it up with you homie and you got some fire for sure!

MixtapeKings.com Interview

Jan 2016 - Click the pic to go to the story

HipHopLead.com- What was it like performing for Coast 2 Coast in NYC?

B.Eveready- Man, that was great. Short set, but we tore it down anyway. Shout to Coast2Coast for giving me an opportunity. The show was at the famed Webster Hall, and I was on the same bill as Red Cafe & Torae...HipHopLead.com- It’s been almost a year since you dropped “A Cold Summer’s Day” EP & “#INeedAManager” project. They both got great reviews and definatley helped elevate your brand. How have you evolved as an artist since releasing those?

B.Eveready- I think I’m more confident in my artistic choices. Before those 2 projects, I was real concerned about how people would react to my music, would they like it? How do I stack up to your favorite emcees? Now, I know that other folks hear what I hear when I make music. My challenge is getting it out there to as many people as I can.

HipHopLead.com Interview

2 Years Later, NY State of Mind - 2014 - Click the pic to go to the story

When it comes to straight spitting with no compromise look no further than new comer B.Eveready...(he) is a word smith molded from the golden era of hip hop and every song pleases with constant challenging word play and great flows.


B channels his inner Bizzy Bone and goes double time on “She Said I Couldn’t Do It” and gets his Guru on on the smooth “Breakin’ My Heart” record. B. throws out some punches like “Ya girl got a face made for radio/ ya voice made for silence, so how you gonna play me though?/ recognize the flyness, priceless right wrist/ write scripts like this/ your spits like this minus the laryngitis. WOW!!...If you are into the culture, substance, flows, beats, word play and that ever important “rewind factor” then support this artist!

HipHopLead.com's review of "A Cold Summer's Day" EP

2012 - Click the pic to go to the story

....B.Eveready spews major jewels on “The Rebel vs. The Hustler”. If you never heard of B.Eveready before this is the record you are gonna want to check out to understand this artists dynamics. All his key elements are there. B bends his comfortable flow on another smooth sampled beat while making that ride out music he crafts so well. B.Eveready spits “I ride with a plan/ freedom fighter with a jam/ and you can blame the hood for making me who I am.”


B continues to mold his masterpiece while he digs real deep on “Soul Stories 2″ and spews some cunning angry bars on “I’m Off”. B.Eveready also finds time to deliver another inspirational record with cross over appeal. B goes in on “1UP”.


B.Eveready has delivered two solid projects from front to back in the year 2012....B is in his own lane and we are looking forward to hearing more.

HipHopLead.com's review of "#INeedAManager"

2012 - Click the pic to go to the story

....Anyway, I like this record a lot...He's got some pretty good original production, and some good taste in beats to freestyle over (there's 3 tracks over Kanye West beats from 2002, and I always loved Kanye...from back then), and he flows his...off on the last song, "AHunnitBarsOffMyChest." 

The C.P.T. Mixtape promo on Government Names blog

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