Artist Services

Artist Consulting Services

Every artist needs guidance & strategies to successfully attack the music industry.  I’m an independent music veteran who has persevered for over ten years, trying many different angles to gain traction over the years.  Now you can benefit from my experience & not make the mistakes that I did.  In these consultation sessions, we can discuss your music, your branding, your marketing strategy, and how to leverage your local music scene to your advantage.  We will discuss what steps need to be taken to take you from an open mic performer to an established independent musician.

Consultation Rates

30 minute consultation - $50

1 hour consultation - $75


You need to be ready to at least spend this much to get your music to the next level.  If you are not, please continue to work on your craft & your income sources until you are.  Being a successful artist is not free, and the quicker you understand that, the quicker you will see movement in your career.  The key is investing with people & companies who bring value & aren’t looking for a quick buck.  This is one of the ways I give back to the culture that has given me so much.


Marketing Packages

Are you tired of your art being overlooked?  Don't you want to generate more interest in your work?  I work with multiple companies that specialize in marketing music to your targeted core audience in ways that create engagement with your music & social media.  If you have quality product, you will attract your loyal followers working with me.

       Single Package #1

         - Soundcloud & Spotify promotion of 1 track - Get your song added to popular Spotify playlists and have your song reposted by at least 100 Soundcloud accounts to push your song into the conversation online.  You will see at least 10,000 Spotify streams - $75.00

       Single Package #2

         - YouTube & Tidal promotion of 1 Track - Get your song promoted through Tidal playlists for 6 months and at least 5,000 views of your video on YouTube through organic marketing.  (Package includes Single Package #1) - $125.00

      Single Package #3

         - (Includes both Single Package #1 & #2) 1 email blast to 70,000 music contacts/fans, 1 streaming link posted to 50 sites (including &, 26 Facebook Groups, & 24 Social Networks.  Song added to Digital DJ Pool, Franchise Record Pool, & Nerve DJs Record Pool - $250

    Mixtape/Album/Project Package #1

        - Project posted to 50 music sites (including Mix Connect, Mixtape Factory, GetightMusic, Tape Fire, Thisis50, Coast2CoastMixtapes, CoredjsRadio, Nerve Djs, Street Connect Djs, IDJs Mp3, Desert Storm Radio & more), 47 Facebook groups, & 24 Social Networks. $75

Custom Marketing Package

       - Contact for details on any combination of the above, or any other services needed (EPK, Website creation, Bio, Public Relations, etc.) 

DCTop20 Marketing & Promotion

 - Go here to work directly with one of the most connected teams in the music industry (DCTop20)

Songwriting/Ghostwriting Services

Get a verse or a full song from one of the most gifted writers in the game with over ten years of experience. 

One 16 bar verse - contact for price

Full song - contact for price

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